Monday, 13 April 2009

In the name of science!

So the first two Supplements i'm trying out are Body Fortress Muscle and Weight Gainer and Halland and Barretts ABC Plus Extra.

The first is in the form of a chocolate shake which is awesome since I love milkshakes, and obviously claims to do what it says on the tin which is to help you gain Muscle Mass. It's pretty much Protein, Vitamins and Amino Acids so we'll see how this one goes for me.

The second is a Multi-Vitamin supplement in the form of tablets which is easy just take one a day with some water. Really these are for keeping the inside in good working order, possibly the outside to I'll need to check that out. Also it's called Extra because it also contains Lutien and Lycopene, fucking tops then.

Now though it looks like i'll need to do my reading because i'm sure all these things are good for me but i'm not really sure why, or what they do. Amino Acids, all these new Vitamins, Lutien, Lycopene and Chromium Picolinate i'm sure it'll be interesting how all these things will benifit me.

The First

So I want to start a training blog to keep note of my training maybe get some continuity going. I also want to keep track of all the crap I eat per day, and because it is all crap I think I'll eat less of it and pick the healthy options since I'll have to type it all out.

So here's some fighter stats for you, I'm currently 5/5, and 135 bang on, right now I want to hit the weights gain some muscle and loose some fat and i'll see where that takes me. I'm also going to experiment with some different supplements because I'm sure there's some advantage there I just don't know what it is yet.